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Cloud Based Solutions
Comprehensive suite of HR & Payroll services 


Innovative Solutions for your business

Human Resource Management


♣      Employee On-Boarding

♣      Time Sheet Tracking

♣      Leave Tracking

♣      Appraisal Management

Payroll Services


♣     Registering company in each state

♣     Payroll processing and Direct Deposit

♣     Online Access for employers and employees

♣     No tax impounding

♣     Specialize in multi-state payroll  processing


Employee Benefits


♣     Group Health Insurance

♣     Disability Insurance

♣    Life Insurance

♣     Retirement Benefits – 401k, SEP IRA

♣     College Funding – 529 Plan



Human Resource Management

At the touch of a button Innovative features and time tested processes that will get you started in a matter of hours.
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Full service platform Scalable and flexible system together with an experienced team of professionals that can manage the entire process.
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Employee Benefits

Customized solutions for your business

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