Are your services cloud based or do we need to download any software?

Our services are cloud based and you will be able to access your account anytime anywhere. There is no software to download and no back ups that need to be taken by you. You can download all the reports in excel, csv, pdf etc.

Do we need to subscribe for all the services or can we pick and choose the service that we want?

Absolutely. You can pick and choose the service that you need or select all the services. We are very flexible.

Can we switch to your services during the year or do we need to wait till the end of the year?

You can switch at any time and our experienced team of professionals will help you in every step of the way in transitioning to our services and beyond.

Are there any yearly contracts for your services?

No there are no yearly contracts and you can terminate at any point of time although we would hate to see you go.

Is your service scalable and can it be replicated for any of our group companies?

Yes. Our service platform has been designed keeping in mind that the system should be scalable and replicable. So if you have just 1 employee or have 300 employees the system will work just fine. You can sign one company in your group or all the companies, the process and system will be the same.

Will we have to record the data multiple times if we take all the services?

The on boarding tool is where the employees record their data and any change that they want to make can be made directly by them. The unique feature of our platform is that you will have to record the data only once and the data will get populated automatically in all payroll or HR related fields

What about the pricing?

The pricing is a function of the complexity of each service and we will be happy to provide you a quote once we have understood the deliverables and the timelines. If you select all the services we offer multi service discount and also other volume discounts. Please contact us at (732) 479 – 2700 or send us an email at info@

Human Resources

What services do you offer in Human Resources?

We provide the tools that are required by you to manage the Human Resource function. In our experience we have observed that most of our clients prefer to manage this function internally but need the assistance and tools to help manage this function. We provide that service.

Can we set up our own rules on how this is managed?

Absolutely! You can set your own rules and decide who will get access to the platform.

Will you provide us any legal assistance?

No we don’t provide any form of legal assistance as we are not qualified. However, we work with a number of lawyers who are specialized in various aspects such as immigration, litigation, employee related issues. We will be happy to refer them to you.


What is the minimum and maximum number of employees that can be processed?

We can process from as little as 1 employee payroll to over 350 employees in our system

Can we process employee and independent contractor payments?

Yes both of them can be processed and at the end of the year they will be issued Form W-2’s and Form 1099-MISC respectively

Can time sheets be imported to your system?

Yes time sheets in a certain format (that will be provided to you) can be imported and thus eliminating any data entry issues

Can we customize the payroll reports?

Yes based on the various fields provided you should be able to customize the reports and also download it in excel, pdf.

How long will you retain my payroll records?

As long as you continue subscribing for our service you will have access to your records.

How will the management access their records? What about employees?

The person who has Admin rights in your organization will be able to access all the records while you can restrict access to other individuals. Each of you automatically will be provided user id and passwords.

The system will email all the employees their respective user id and password for them to access their pay stubs and W-2’s.

What is the timeline to set up the payroll service?

Typically it takes about 1-2 business days after we receive all the documents and information. This again will vary depending on the complexity of the payroll.

Employee Benefits

Is it necessary for us to offer all the benefits that you have listed to our employees?

All employee benefits are optional and need not be offered to any employee. However it is used by most companies today in order to attract and retain talent. You can pick and choose the benefit that you want to offer your employees.

Do I need to offer a benefit that we select to all the employees?

There are certain rules and regulations that prevent an organization from discriminating. Please contact us and we will be able to guide you in that regard.

Can my employees change the information once they are enrolled for a certain benefit?

Yes the employees can change the information any time that they want

Reimbursement Claims

How does this process work?

  1. Employees scan their receipts or take a picture of the receipt
  2. They login to our platform and upload the receipts.
  3. Their claim form is automatically filled up and a notification is sent to the authorized signatory
  4. They approve via email
  5. Information is stored for reimbursement in the next payroll cycle or next business day directly to the employee’s bank account.

It is a simple and convenient way to manage all your employees claim reimbursement without having to manage all the paper work. This also motivates your employees as they know all valid claims will be authorized and paid on time without them having to be out of pocket.

Who will set up the rules?

Our team will understand the existing process and also the policies & procedures that you currently follow. We will then set up the rules based on your input and approval. Leave it to us to set up the rules and all the complexities with the final approval always resting with you.

Can you manage multiple claims from multiple employees on a regular basis?

Absolutely. Our system is robust enough to manage any amount of claims and payments.