A – Z

One of the most unique features of our company is the A-Z approach that we take when offering any of our services. We completely understand that the services that we offer are an integral part of your business function but at the same time they consume a significant portion of management bandwidth. We have therefore developed our solutions understanding this core issue. In the A-Z approach as we call it we offer a comprehensive solution rather than a “bits and pieces” solution. So whether you select payroll or any of the other services you will quickly realize that our solutions would significantly free up management time.

EZ Implementation                                               

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Our cloud based solution is EZ to transfer to and EZ to manage. You will have complete control over every aspect of the process while our team of professionals will work in the background to manage the process. The entire implementation is seamless and quick and you will be up and ready in a matter of a day in most cases. Our customer service team that is responsible for managing your company is the same as the implementation team and hence there are no coordination issues to worry about.


We have been servicing our clients for over 10 years and have exclusively focused on the start ups, small and medium sized business space only. We have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding and servicing this client space over the years. This has enabled us to develop and execute practical and innovative solutions for our clients. We have a very high client retention rate and this has enabled us to grow our business exponentially.


We are obsessed with ensuring that all client data is secure and we focus on mitigating the risk due to any foreseen circumstances. We have invested a lot of resources in ensuring that your company data is secure at all times. We ensure that there is timely third party back up and cutting edge cloud based security.


This has been one of our key deliverables to our clients. We have consistently maintained our quality of service since our management is actively involved in managing client relationship. At the back end we have developed scalable processes and systems that are independent of our employees. We have the ability to customize a solution that fits the clients needs as opposed to offering a “cookie cutter” solution that most of our competitors offer. We are there when you need us. We have had situations where some of our clients have contacted us after office hours or during the weekends due to some emergency. We have always serviced the clients at these critical junctures.