Managing the expense reimbursement for your employees is a time consuming task. This involves ensuring that the policy and procedures of your organization are consistently being followed by all the employees. In addition you need to also ensure that all supporting documentation is being retained for audit and tax purposes. Any delay in timely reimbursing the employees could lead to potential HR issues.

42868968 - claims - ring binder on office desktop with office supplies.At EZ Online Payroll we have introduced Reimbursement claim service for small and medium sized organizations that have a large number of reimbursement claims that need to be processed. Our team of experienced professionals will work with your staff to ensure that all reimbursements are compliant with your company polices, approvals are obtained and employees are reimbursed on a timely basis.

Our cloud based service will allow your employees to scan the receipts and then based on the unique workflow that has been set up for your company, the approvals and disbursements would be initiated. The management will have online access to all Reimbursement reports for internal management purposes.

So please contact us today and we can set up and start working for you in less than a day. We will set up a seamless the work flow for your company. You will realize that at your end, a huge administrative task will be eliminated, leaving you with valuable time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

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